Computer Assembly Process

Here is a more detailed outline of the computer assembly process. This is just a guide, but should help you better understand the process I like to follow and to ease any concerns you may have about the process.

  1. Contact Me
  2. We will discuss your needs and uses for the new computer, along with budgetary constraints
  3. Preliminary research regarding budget vs. needs
    1. I will research computer parts required (Free)
    2. I will keep your budget in mind (Free)
  4. We may later discuss expectations regarding budget and needs
  5. If budget and needs are obtainable:
    1. I will create a preliminary build sheet ($20 - waived if build sheet is approved)
      1. The preliminary build sheet will be within your budget (as discussed previously)
      2. Fee for preliminary build sheet will be waived when circumstances permit (at my sole discretion)
    2. You may approve or reject the preliminary build sheet
      1. If Approved:
        1. I will purchase and assemble the agreed upon hardware
        2. I will purchase and install the agreed upon software
      2. If Not Approved:
        1. We may discuss why it was rejected
          1. A new preliminary build sheet may be created (Free), if agreeable
    3. If the build is completed, it will be delivered and invoiced

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