IPCalcEX Privacy Policy

"IPCalcEx" and "IPCalcEx Free" Android applications (com.lccs.droid.ipcalcex and com.lccs.droid.ipcalcex.free, respectively) are the "application" or the "applications".

The applications do not collect, handle or transmit any personal or sensitive user data.

The applications do not store or transmit data you enter, which includes IP addresses, subnet masks, except for your acceptance of the EULA, Licensing information and Preferences.

The applications may collect anonymized usage data via Google Analytics. This is only in order to understand the application's usage in order to determine what features should be focused on for further improvement. Again, any user data entered in to the applications will NOT be transmitted (your acceptance of a EULA or personal preferences obviously will still be stored locally, along with any data required by Google's Licensing Service).

This Privacy Policy may be updated in the future. However, the data you enter in to the fields in these applications (IP Address, etc) will never be intentionally transmitted. The generic Preferences data may be transmitted in the future to help best tune the default settings - but those do not include any personal or identifiable information.