Okeanos Tracking System (OTS)

Okeanos Tracking System (OTS) allows users to manage their aquarium's water parameter measurements, activities and contents from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.

Okeanos Tracking System is currently under development. Please stay tuned for links to get more information regarding Demos, Trials and Subscribing.

With OTS, you can track your aquarium's water parameters (temp, sg, nitrate, nitrite, etc) and be shown clear indicators when measurements are out of your typical bounds. The boundaries can be default or set customized for your specific requirements - and per aquarium. This will allow you to easily see how each aquarium's measurements change over time, be quickly alerted to potential issues regarding specific measured aspects of each specific aquarium) and generally graph each measurement over time.

This service will not measure things for you (yet, maybe some automated device measurement utilities in the future will - contact me if interested), but you can view historical information, sort and graph past measurements from anywhere in the world. Also, you can enter new values as measured manually.

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